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My life's seed is deeply rooted at the Island of Gods - Bali. Only when I am grounded and I set my boundaries right, the seed can reach its height. I am sitting on my terrace, waiting for the light of the sun to appear. Shortly after I arrived in Bali, I picked up my personal sun salutation practice - quite effortlessly this time. It is my tool to become aware of each new morning and the blessings it brings. My offering is to welcome the day by simply being. I roll out my mat and sink into myself, looking for what is right now. The truth of the moment. And I am using a mantra to welcome the day. After that I am drinking my chai black tea and I go out into the garden, to feed the fish.

I am settling in. I am feeling more at home in Bali each and every day. It needs a good amount of re-structuring of my daily habits. And the process of re-structuring itself shows what I cling to, what I need to let go of, how life is asking me to change and adapt. It needs a whole lot of trust and patience to do this. To re-learn. And the re-structuring brings a setting of new boundaries with it. Rituals do help me with this and the Balinese spirituality which is all about offerings, naturally supports me in this. I can say the small offerings I am placing in the garden and all over the house support me in creating an anchor for my faith. So here I am entering the topic of boundaries and the deep rooting that is needed to stand firm when one needs to set them. And yes, ultimately this is all about living through your heart, about living one’s truth. And for me this means – observing my actions and how life mirrors me in each moment. In observing others without judgement, I allow myself not to be judged. Reflecting how unique we all are, carrying our uniqueness as our individual seed-like code, helps me in being non-judgmental. We all try to live through our inner selves. Each and every one of us. But it isn’t that easy, really. Lately I've been reflecting on what takes away my power or how I allow my power to be taken away. A seedling needs water, soil, light, the warmth of the sun to grow into what it is supposed to become. There are things we need for our nourishment and that is very unique to all of us. We need to trust that life provides all this. What is my authenticity? There are so many players in the field and we do get influenced. What influences me and weakens my connection to my inner self? I recently observed that I tend to understand compassion wrong, or did so my whole life. I am very open to the energy of others. So instead of standing firm I allowed myself to come under the influence of their will and energy field. Isn’t this what takes me away from living my authentic self?

So I can not worry any longer about what others think about me. I have to stand in my authenticity, stand firm in my confidence. Not knowing what comes next – but trusting that where I am now I can overcome. I can overcome the idea of lack. Did you ever wonder – all influence comes with an idea of lack which is induced by somebody or by the collective. I overcome my lack of self-esteem every day by observing when and how I give in. How I allow myself to be shaped. How I look at myself with the eyes of others whenever I forget about looking from my inner eye. It is the sun that nourishes the seed. With the sun salutation practice, I am honoring the light. The old sages used to teach as above so below – as I am honoring the sun rising over the paddy fields, I am honoring my Manipura chakra, which means the power within. It is a celebration of life, of new beginnings and a new awareness. So what is the welcoming of the sun? We have to shine as ourselves. When we shine as ourselves, we are connected in love and acceptance and that is what re-born in truth is all about. We have to allow the energy of the sun to shine within. Our creative power which is seated in our center. Only then we live our magic.

A dear friend of mine once told me “in Bali every day is a Sunday”.Well, yes and no. It needs an effort to re-build my life, to re-build and re-structure. But that is a joy and a celebration too. Overcome your fears in order to live the blessing that you are. Only then you can feel the magic. Our truth is nothing but the truth of the seed. I`d love to hear from you. love greetings from Bali


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