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We embraced, cried and laughed together,
to finally celebrate the uniqueness of each soul


Bärbel, Germany Yoga Asana & Meditation, Landshut 2024

Yoga with you is simply amazing.
With your pleasant and approachable manner, I can understand and implement the exercise instructions well.
You know how to pay attention to each individual participant so that everyone gets their money's worth. I am particularly enthusiastic about how you structure your yoga classes and how I feel challenged but not overwhelmed and also have time to relax. It is a joy to "yog" with you.

Karin, Germany Yoga Asana & Meditation, Landshut 2024

Hi Andrea,

it was a really nice yoga evening again after a long time, I haven't had one like that in ages.
Thank you for that!
I always hoped that you would come back again, because yoga with you is simply indescribably beautiful and incomparable.

Love, Karin

Luise, Germany,
Yoga and Meditation, Sri Lanka 2019 and online 2022


Dear Andrea,
I am so grateful we met in Sri Lanka 2019 during my Ayurveda therapy.

I felt accompanied, supported and inspired by all your love, empathy and knowledge in those weeks. Starting every day with yoga and meditation was the greatest gift; I found both, inner strength and more clarity.
I simply won’t forget your heart-based meditations, your loving guidance when it came to the asanas and your healing hands. Thank you!

In the meantime you moved on in your re-born journey and are allowing us to participate with it.
So we get to enjoy your open heart and your love even now that you are in Bali.
It was truly a pleasure to meet you again during your online yoga session. 

A big thanks and a heartfelt hug – Namaste,

Judith, Bali
"Unique Body Massage", Bali, May 2022

My experience of ancient Kundalini massage with Andrea has been deeply touching.
The way she created the atmosphere was unique and the session felt very safe, I could fully surrender.
I totally enjoyed the light meditation before the m
assage. The meditation and its preparation as well as how you explained everything in your open way before and After the Massage turned all this into a relaxing and trusteng experience.
All in all, I am grateful for Andrea’s massage session and can highly recommend her and the massage.
Thank you,

Gerlinde, Germany

A reflection on the "home" program, 2022

Thanks for your program „Waking up from Exhaustion”.

Like you did ever so often, you supported me in finding my way. Even now that you are living so far away, you are yet so close. You are unique in what you deliver. Many heartfelt thanks for this.

Beginning of this year it became clear that it will be a tough one with many obstacles. I was initially totally clueless, almost hitting rock bottom. How am I to survive these harsh times ahead, how to withstand, to go on living? I am extremely grateful that your program popped up at exactly the right time.
Was it my inner voice or yours? How does it matter.

I was just curious and looking out for the right thing to do.
To give myself some time out was already a first right step, getting in touch with myself again. The very decision to participate, to give it a shot, initially was just anchoring me, holding me – as I was not sure if I can allow myself to really go with it.

But it was free from complications, easy in fact, although at the beginning I had to face past wounds which still felt incredibly painful.

But this was exactly what I had to let go of and I felt much better afterwards.  

By now your program which I am participating with since weeks has turned into my best companion, free from any pressure whenever it feels right and the time is at hand. “Awakening from Exhaustion“ is my companion.
A companion who is there always! Who is needed by anybody! By now I can let go whenever I need to.
And the best thing is your voice Andrea, your voice that talks to me and fulfils me. There are so many things I enjoyed during each and every yoga session with you!

Your program truly  is an enrichment no matter where one stands in life.

Elke, Sri Lanka, 2022
"Unique Bodytreatment"


Dear Andrea,

The Ayurveda Abhyanga treatment I received from you was much more than just a massage. A flow of energy from the soles of the feet to the crown of the head, a pleasant tingling sensation, the release of negative emotional blocks and more. This was a treatment full of intuition and empathy - not too little and not too much. And the pleasant, elated feeling that came afterwards lasted for a very long time.

Hope to see you soon for the next session, dear Andrea!

Carmen, Germany

Yoga and Psychology Method, Sri Lanka 2022

Dear Andrea, 

Through your loving and authentic way of sharing yoga you know how to accompany everyone on their journey of being.

Your deep spirituality, high experience in all aspects of traditional practice in yoga, meditation, and philosophy, and your broad knowledge of various religious topics, you quickly create a deeper field of trust and curiosity of wanting more.

With your wide-open heart and the great passion to serve your spiritual calling, you conjure inspiring and healing energy to everyone that surrounds you and meets you in different spaces.

I am so motivated after our meditations and yoga sessions that I will take you up on your offer!

Some encounters ignite a beautiful, radiant light that continues to shine and sparkle within us for a long time.

Thank you very much with a heartfelt hug


Ursula, Switzerland 
Yoga and Psychology Method, Sri Lanka 2022


How lucky I was to meet you at Paragon and to be carried by your daily meditation & yoga training for three weeks. I was one of many. Some participants were very advanced, and others like me were at the very beginning of our yoga knowledge. Experienced as you are, because of your sparkling passion for meditation & yoga, each of us still felt a part of the whole. Your session was an inspiration for each new day!


You completely inspired me in our 1:1 session and made me curious about what could be if I only dare to embark on the journey to myself.

The next step after my time in Paragon is your online sessions, which I will be happy to attend shortly.


I feel like I have been given the key to access my inner self, quite unexpectedly but so grateful for it.


Thank you, Andrea


Ines, Austria
counselling psychology, Sri Lanka 2022


Dear Andrea,

Getting to know you during my Ayurveda treatment at Paragon in Sri Lanka was a precious gift in many ways.

Your mentoring helped me to get clarity about unprocessed feelings and to find strength for a different, better way of dealing with it. Your valuable advice and versatile tips are implemented and with me.

In general, you are an Ayurvedic Yogi-Wurlitzer, your range of knowledge, and inner wisdom bubble out of you and I enjoyed learning from you (and being amazed by your way of living your purpose).

Last but not least, your yoga sessions and guided meditations were a transformative experience, your presence and sensitivity is very special and unique.

I am already looking forward to continuing the journey with you - online - and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being Andrea.

All the best from Vienna,


Kristina, Germany
Meditation and Sadhana Week, April 2022

I hesitated for a long time whether I should participate in this week. Getting up so early despite my stressful job?
And is this something for me at all? Sitting and focusing on thinking about anything? Will that do me any good?
Now I am very, very glad that I took part in it and was allowed to have this experience. I had half an hour a day just for me. I did something for myself and got to know myself better. With the workbook beforehand, which I highly
recommend going through before and working on accordingly, the sadhana made my world of thoughts, wishes, and fears clearer and more focused. On top of Andrea's loving, warm, and very professional manner and her informal approach to introducing others to meditation. Simply a super week and a joy to start the day with her.

All the best,

Claudia, Bali
Meditation and Sadhana Week in Self Practice, Bali, May 2022

Giving something good to myself. With your loving and heartfelt guided meditation and sadhana week I got more in
touch with my inner universe. To feel how transforming it is to start the day in silent and gentle conversation with
myself. To let myself fall into my heart under your expert guidance and trust the breath and its natural rhythm.
Everything we need is there.
In the stillness sometimes feel the pain for myself and the whole world. To see more clearly what needs my attention.
Only in this way can I recognize my path, my destiny.
To experience the new day more consciously and in inner connection is pure happiness. 
Thank you Andrea for this great gift.

Felicitas, Deutschland

Yoga and Psychology, online 2022

Dear Andrea,

I am so happy that I was allowed to get to know you in 2019 at Ayurveda Paragon and could already participate in your yoga sessions there. Since then, a wonderful friendship has developed in these three years, which I'm beyond thankful for.
It's great that you now offer your yoga sessions online and that
I finally have the opportunity to practice yoga with you again. Already after the first sessions I noticed the better feelings within my body structure. I do walk and sit more upright and I just got aware of that there are still many unused muscles in my body.
Also, I feel like you are in the same room with me and not thousands of miles away in Sri Lanka. I find the psychological aspects you associate with the individual yoga postures absolutely enriching.
They do support me even beyond my practice and that's such a great gift I can receive from you. 


THANK YOU for your support and guidance.


Daniela, Germany
Yoga and Psychology Method,

Sri Lanka 2019 online 2021

Dear Andrea, 

We met in 2019 at Paragon as part of my Ayurveda Panchakarma and already then I was very fascinated and touched by your way of living and your personal journey. Out of your yoga and meditation guidance the sessions remained quite unforgettable and even when I reached back home they had a long lasting effects in my everyday life.

I am not a type of online yoga, but when I became aware of your various online offers, I did not hesitate for a second to sign up.

I am thrilled every time how intense your presence is in the online session. I feel as if we are all together in one room. The yoga sessions combined with the ayurvedic-psychological aspects are for me one of the most intense yoga experiences I have had so far. From each of your classes I take so much with me. So I do feel strengthened and in the same time energized and balanced within.

Thank you dear Andrea for your being and your authenticity and your wonderful yoga sessions. 

May all beings be happy & free.



Marita, Myanmar/Germany
Yoga and Psychology, Sri Lanka 2022


All of your yoga sessions are a journey that reconnected me with my-self. The warmth and carefully chosen words really touched my heart and brought me to a state of understanding who am I.

Thank you Andrea for your great yoga & meditation sessions.


Sabine, Germany
counselling Yoga and Ayurveda, onsite 2021


I am so happy that I got to meet you and that you continue to be in my life.
You are a huge inspiration to me that it can feel easy to realign little things to make big changes for myself from it.
For a long time I had already been thinking about looking into something like Ayurveda. Thanks to a dear friend the encounter with you came into my life.

So today I am full of gratitude for everything that the last year has brought me in terms of positivity.
I was allowed to realize that it is completely ok if I am "ME". Because there will always be people who love me exactly for that.

Thank you, Sabine

Sabine, Germany
counselling Yoga and Ayurveda, onsite 2021


I am so happy that I got to meet you and that you continue to be in my life.
You are a huge inspiration to me that it can feel easy to realign little things to make big changes for myself from it.
For a long time I had already been thinking about looking into something like Ayurveda. Thanks to a dear friend the encounter with you came into my life.

So today I am full of gratitude for everything that the last year has brought me in terms of positivity.
I was allowed to realize that it is completely ok if I am "ME". Because there will always be people who love me exactly for that.
Thank you, Sabine

Katrin, Germany
counselling Yoga and Ayurveda, onsite 2021

For me, the last 12 months with you had a positive aspect.

I have been more dedicated to my health, personality and well-being. The time spent together doing yoga was absolutely the best thing that could have happened to me.

I am now more confident to implement the new experiences and impressions of Ayurvedic nutrition and healthy lifestyle. When I now move to the supermarket, I pay more attention to the foods that are good for me, that have a standard of high quality, and that are produced regionally and climate-neutrally as fare that is possible.
One of the mainly positive aspects in all your yoga and mentoring sessions are, that I do improve all your given input.
Your monthly loveletters help me a lot with this.

Thank you dear Andrea

Steffi, Deutschland
Yoga and Ayurveda Mentor, online 2021


For some time now, you have been helping me to do something good for my body and soul, and now I would like to say thank you. Your helpful tips and advice on healthy eating and lifestyle are effective and inspiring.
From the guided yoga practice with you, I have understood that I need to do something good for my body, because the office chair is already deeply etched into my muscles. After each session, I feel better and am happy to have taken another step in the right direction.
Your guided meditations on your website also help me to leave the daily grind behind and calm my mind.
Thank you for everything, dear Andrea.

Ann-Cathrin, Sri Lanka 2019
Yoga and Meditation,


Thank you very much for your attention, the excellent support and your wonderful yoga classes. You are doing a great job.

Cheryl, US
Yoga and Meditation, Tavoos Yoga TTC Center, Cambodia 2018

We do need more beautiful souls like you traversing this planet, spreading lights and joy.
Some are called to stay, others are called to move. The world needs both kinds to heed their own calling. Meeting and knowing you encourages me to embrace my own path in yoga and healthy living.

love you girl! stay true to you. xoxo

Femke, The Netherlands
Yoga and Meditation, Bali Silent Retreat, Bali 2018

Dear Andrea, my deepest respect and support for your way of life. You inspire me and I am grateful for the week I did practices with you. It was peaceful and harmonious. You are gifted. Please remain true to yourself and keep on sharing your energy with the world.
Love Femke

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