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From the yoga mat to the heart: New insights, grateful happiness, honest moments and inner bliss. What yoga has changed in the last two months and what it has taught me retroactively in the past 7 years, I would like to share with you here.

Glimpses of a moment of pure bliss - a treasured experience that belongs solely to me.

Enshrined in their private nature, they yearn to connect with others at some point.

Over the course of my seven-year journey, I have learned to keep most moments - whether filled with elation or deepest sorrow - to myself. Yet now, as I carry the happiness and the associated stories within my inner balance (not always, but quite often), I feel an urge to tell about these moments and share them with others, even if they were sometimes accompanied by pain.

These moments are now authentic and still as vivid as if they had just happened. They still carry the joy, the sorrow, the excitement or the pain of the respective moment within them, and they are meant to be shared with others. After all, we all have these moments that make us the person we are today. Today, I can better balance life's fluctuations such as stress, disappointment or moments of happiness by focusing on my breath, using my yoga time, spending time in nature or talking to people . It's always about keeping the big picture in mind while also focusing on the essential - the balance of life.


There is a "right" time for everything, and by listening to my inner gut/intuition, I know when the time is right to share these moments.


This event was a true moment of bliss.

Happiness sits on the rocks of Nusa Penida.

Experiencing this small island in Indonesia, located near Bali, was a very special gift I gave myself. I treated myself to a week off, whether before or after my time as a volunteer at the Bali Silent Retreat Center, I can't say exactly anymore today.

Nusa Penida was an island that was not yet heavily developed for tourism in 2018 and therefore still seemed very peaceful and almost silent compared to the crowded island of Bali.

My travel years were less focused on hopping from one hotspot to the next highlight. Instead, my curiosity lay in getting to know the countries, their inhabitants, their culture and especially their religions, healing methods and beliefs.

Nusa Penida, still sleepy, welcomed me warmly and was a very special place for me.

On one of the days during this week I discovered this beautiful place. It went along an overgrown path that didn't really look like it led anywhere, and suddenly this endless expanse stretched out before me. (see photo).

The sound of the sea, the wind, the warm breeze on my skin, the fresh, clear air and the feeling of endless freedom - all of this invited me to sit down on this very rock. I don't know how long I sat there today, but I experienced one of the quietest and happiest moments of my life here.

Sitting on this rock in the middle of nowhere, I felt pure life energy and deep peace within me. Free and unbound, with new horizons before my eyes, I was infinitely grateful for this gift of happiness.

Photo: Baju, a local boy who happened to pass by.

I`d love to hear from you. love greetings Andrea


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