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My last blog post ended with the words "Our truth is nothing but the truth of the seed".

Every seed is unique and once we have planted this/our seed in ourselves, it doesn't matter where we settle or what choices we make. It is always about us and how we relate to ourselves and live this authenticity.

Bali has done me a lot of good in the past seven months. This island has a certain magic and power that is almost impossible to describe with words. You simply have to experience it for yourself.

During my motorbike rides off the beaten track I found hidden and so inconspicuously remote places that have brought me even closer to the Balinese-Hindu religion. With the ever-scenting incense sticks and flower offerings every corner of this Earth is considered important and it shows me how much respect the Balinese have for their country and what they are grateful for.

With each visit to these places, but also in everyday life, I received clearer insights about myself, observed my past life habits, gained understanding that it is faith in myself that lets me make my decisions from the heart.

Now it feels almost too easy to travel on with this seed inside me.

But now let's have a look at you. Because it is about you and what re-born in truth can be for you.

It is about where you are in your life right now, what you feel and how you perceive yourself.

Maybe you live in complete harmony and balance, life feels really good, as if you are exactly where you always wanted to be. In your private life, at work, in your relationship or in a completely new place, it "just" feels right. Life couldn't flow any better and you yourself feel that you are happy.

Looking back, what can you see that has helped you to feel so good today? You have already started the "journey" several times - your own journey of observing what is holding you back, where your thoughts come from - negative thoughts as well as positive thoughts. And there were those moments when you could already feel, see and speak everything - the truth about yourself. But then you couldn't keep it consistently.

Therefore, you have again, and this time with full conviction to stand up for yourself, dealt more intensively with yourself and what controls you, ties you down and makes you tense? You have looked at your character traits, habits and patterns that always hold you back? You asked yourself layer by layer again and again, is it an illusion or is it me? In these moments you were ready to detach yourself from everything and took the less easy and less comfortable path to do so, and now you can say, yes - I did it for my own sake.

Which can mean that you went through the dark moments because you believed in yourself and your inner strength. You intuitively felt that you could reach the light which you could already see at the end of the tunnel. To reach the new you. To finally be able to stand up for yourself and become who you really are and perhaps always wanted to be.

And those were the first steps.

Free to decide for yourself what you want to do, free in thought and in expression, free to act and thus to stand up for yourself and your decisions. To be free within yourself and to feel that everything is good the way it is now. And now there it is - within reach, the one feeling you have been longing for years, maybe for your whole life. You have arrived at your inner home.

But maybe you are just on the opposite side of your life again. You feel like you have reached the lowest point. You are confronted with anxiety and fear, where you doubt yourself, struggle with your decisions and possibly question your whole life pattern. You feel an inner turmoil and already suspect that you will enter a new chapter of your life. But you have no idea what it will look like or where and how you will find your new place in life.

Your inner voice tells you that there is more but you don't see at which point in life you stand right now.

You feel that maybe something keeps holding you back. And you can't express it, you can't explain it to people and there are no words that can describe this hold/pull.

There were already times and places where you lived your potential, you were perceived and protected and you also saw yourself that way. You went out into the world and just as you had started something, things seemed to happen on their own, everything fell into place. And then it happened again, that moment of pure helplessness. Despite having looked at your inner miracles, having done deep consciousness work with yourself and having decided clearly and with all consequences in favour of yourself and your path, you are again at this certain point, and you collapse within yourself.

Again the ground is pulled out from under your feet and you close yourself off. You look for solitude and yet for an anchor to hold on to.

Once again, intense inner blockages, sadness, tears, despair and your own worthlessness show up. In your thoughts, in your actions - nothing seems to go right. You are aware that this is the moment when you have to step out of the safe comfort zone to save yourself.

In this self-rescue can be your healing. Trust yourself, you can catch yourself and overcome this seemingly so intense and so present obstacle and face it with all its fluctuations: this is the moment, this is the moment of rebirth. re-born in truth.

Time out, reflection, observing and letting go of everything, then we are open for the clear signs of life, which then bring us onto the "right" path not even imagined in our dreams.

The pronunciation, the manifestation, the belief system, or whatever we want to call it, can show itself in a completely different way and then bring us together with the important people as company at exactly the right moment, at exactly the right time, and then we know, yes, this is how it will continue.

If we can find our home within us, with the conscious acceptance that we have chosen every single step ourselves, then it doesn't matter where we are, how warm or cold the place, the country or the circumstances are. Then we have peace and happiness within us, we can share it and bring it to any place.

That is discovering your destiny and then you will lack nothing.

I moved into my inner home and wow - what a rollercoaster ride that move was.

re-born in truth stands for arriving at your inner home.

I`d love to hear from you. love greetings from Bali

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