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Cancellation, prices, payment fees


Part name prices and fees as well as information and details for booking the course and event offer result from the respective current pricing of the respective offer. Booking only on webpage

Obligation of payment

Unless otherwise agreed, participation prices and fees are due immediately upon conclusion of the contract and booking of the respective service.


Payment of the invoiced participation prices or fees is to be made to the account specified in the invoice by the specified due date. Payment is possible in agreed special cases.


The customer/client shall only have a right to offset if its counterclaims have been legally established, acknowledged or are undisputed by the company.

Cancellation, Customer failure, non-participation

It is pointed out that in the event of a cancellation, omission or other non-participation in booked services, especially with regard to private
mentoring sessions, online program points, workshops and retreats, a claim for reimbursement of the participation fee or the event fee or parts thereof
is excluded. If extra-regular conditions have been agreed upon, this must be documented in writing and proven if necessary. 

Cancellation up to 7 days before workshop/retreat/online session/privat mentoring date, 50% of the total price is non-refundable.
Unless a substitute participant* is provided. 

From a cancellation up to 2 days before workshop/retreat/online session/privat mentoring date, 70% of the total price is
non-refundable. Unless a substitute participant is provided. 

If you are unable to attend a booked session or workshop for personal reasons, please act fairly and cancel promptly so that other participants have
the opportunity to register. This also applies to all online offers.

Legal cancellation and withdrawal rights

The customer's legal rights of cancellation and withdrawal remain unaffected.

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