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Yoga course offer

time for yourself – your journey begins here – beyond the known

Yoga classes online and in person - for you and your journey in life.
Sharing yoga in a traditional way is my calling. Sharing this assistance allows those who receive it to find their peace, and it's the best contribution I can make in this world of suffering. All body types, age groups, cultures, sexual orientations, genders, and levels of experience are welcome!"

How can I participate?

Select your offering from the weekly program below and reserve your spot via email or phone. All further information and payment details will be personally provided. oder 0151 - 1589 0407

Please bring all necessary utensils for your yoga practice to in-person sessions. Tea and warm water will be available for enjoyment before and after each session.

Summary of available in-person and online options

Find your preferred schedule with various options for in-person and online courses.
The weekly program runs continuously until July 31, 2024, and restarts in September.

Changes will be announced in advance, with holidays being exempt.

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Here you can find the weekly program overview in PDF format for printing and downloading.

Yoga and Meditation 

Find the appropriate offer here to deepen your practice and enhance your well-being.
Detailed descriptions can be found under 'what to expect'

All consultations, treatments, and services we offer are centered around the perspective of spiritual healing, aiming to activate your innate self-healing capabilities. It's important to note that these practices are complementary and do not serve as a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment by a qualified healthcare professional, such as a doctor, psychotherapist, or naturopath.

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