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private exclusive retreat

revitalize yourself. tranquility and satisfaction. nature-infused me time.

This retreat is tailored to your personal needs and desires.
Whether you stay for a minimum of 2 nights or up to 5 or 7 nights, here you can fully focus on yourself and rediscover your inner balance.


Let yourself be inspired by me and my life motto "re-bornintruth" for an unforgettable and sustainable retreat experience.

Welcome to your private and exclusive retreat experience!

Your overnight haven and culinary delights await you at Kastanienhof Pfettrach, an idyllic refuge in Niederbayern, Landshut.

All retreat sessions will take place at my Yoga and Treatment Studio in Altdorf .

There, you'll experience personalized yoga, moments of meditation, breathwork, and rejuvenating body treatments, all designed to deeply relax and revitalize you.

Let my life Mission of "re-bornintruth" invite you to an unforgettable retreat experience. 


Book your room separately and directly at Kastanienhof Pfettrach by emailing

... and immerse yourself in a time of inner transformation and regeneration.
Room rate is not included in the retreat package rate.


Your private exclusive retreat book by emailing

Please find here the available dates for your private exclusive retreat here in Landshut:
The timeframe extends from Friday, 2:00 PM, to Sunday, 2:00 PM.

Individual appointment requests are welcome and will be considered.

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Embark on an exclusive private retreat tailored to your desires, whether it's close to home, within Germany, in another country, on an island, or even across the globe.

This personalized retreat experience is priced according to your specific needs for a holistic break,
while additional costs apply for travel and accommodation.


Plan your journey with ease and send me your personalized request.
Together, we'll prepare for your retreat with a relaxed mindset and savor the anticipation.

Contact me now to craft your unforgettable experience!

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