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Thank you for viewing today’s loveletter and taking the time to read it.

Wherever you are right now or whatever the circumstances – whether your day is busy or you are relaxing on the beach, whether you are facing a tough or relieving situation or even a happy one: This loveletter is an invitation to embrace whatever comes your way.

When standing on a brightly lit place as the sun reaches its zenith, without trees or houses around which allow for some shade, we cannot notice the shadows, there is no darkness, nothing which is behind and nothing which reflects into the future. It is a point of transition, a new beginning, perhaps a bigger perspective of what is and what can come to be.

It is the longing for a free life that allows me to walk beyond the restriction of shadows and fears,

empowering me, giving me a sense of my self-sovereignty.

People say that Bali is an island of transformation, a place where your wounds and traumas can heal. Bali actually carries the clear and high energies of a sacred and healing space. I feel that I have been drawn here after having conquered some of my own shadows. In a moment of standing in the sun. Perhaps it was a deep inner knowing? Everything here seems to invite me to experience myself anew.

In order to perceive the new clearly and truly embrace it I need to face the recurring shadows, the transformation process and its chaos. It needs me participating with crossing the boundaries of illusory securities I am quick to rebuild. It needs me participating in exceeding my personal limits of identity. So that I can live each day anew, in a process of (re)creation.

My soul longs for more. I realize that I actually created my transforming journey within the last two years. Although I was not ready to step into the world, as my heart and consciousness were still stuck with deep-seated fears and doubts. I am aware of this now looking back at the process. What was needed then was to face the lower, to face everything courageously.

Nowadays I often find myself in an unprecedented, peaceful void. In a space of great trust to myself and the whole of creation – a state of being which I wish to nourish, to expand.

A state free from the wish of being in control and the ongoing effort of projecting life into the future.

I love to hear from you!

love greetings from Bali

yours, Andrea

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