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Whether you're a total newbie to yoga & meditation, Ayurveda & psychology, or already walking the waking path just looking for somebody who holds a space for co-creation:

Here you are in the right place for this to happen! You are welcome.

The new English loveletter comes with a new website launch. I settled in Bali in the path of being re-born and in a spirit of new beginnings. Allow me to celebrate re-bornintruth with you.

Let me take you to Bali. On my daily walk, life offers me many (in)sights. As I was treading along the paths amongst the fields which border on my house today, I got to observe the farmers tending to their paddy fields. In front of me – a whole cycle of creation. The seed is planted and more than this – it is celebrated.

As the seed enters the darkness of the soil, the farmers carry out rituals. A beautiful offering of flowers, incense stick and diverse colorful items is given back to nature. The whole process of planting and caring for the seed(s) appears like a meditation, an upholding of nurturing the seed and its outcome in a celebrative spirit, honoring the sprout, the growth, the dancing plant and the fruits it brings – which again are an offering to all.

I learned that during the planting ritual the farmers swallow one of the seeds, which actually also means planting the seed within. As the outer seed matures, the seed within grows. The outer seed slowly sprouts in the darkness of the soil, as the inner sprouts in the darkness of the womb. In this darkness, the seed is maturing to be born. In the darkness, we grow.

The seed holds all the promises which are already hidden within. It holds all the codes life has asked it to fulfil. It is an integral, needed part of the whole. All celebrate the sowing, all support its nurturing, protecting it until it is mature to be harvested.

Maybe we can look at the inner seed as our own process of becoming. No matter whether we label our childhood happy or unhappy – our life first unfolds in darkness. Children are often happy and playful but not conscious. It is only when we are coming to a certain maturity that we can consciously long for the light. And as we long for the light, the darkness reveals itself.

Like the seed which might be a rice seed, a flax seed, a seed of a tree or a small flower we all have our own, very individual journey. As human beings, we easily fall into the trap of comparing ourselves with others. We have ideals, want to become this and that. But we lose our truth, our essence by these mental images. The outcome is a lack of clarity, a disconnection to the body, a depression and confusion we cannot even name. The small flower will never be a tree. Or a rice seed.

Our truth is nothing but the truth of the seed.

Re-covering, re-connecting to what we really truthfully are then is the process of becoming more conscious. Of holding a light where we cannot see. Re-connecting, we come back to our own power which was partly buried in the dark. Which hasn’t come along, got stuck, is in hiding.

In a sense, this happened to me. I confronted some of my darkness, I allowed life to reveal it and I came back to my own existential power. And life feels more real since then. Has a deeper breath. Feels more right, more existential and yes, more essential. I am growing towards where I need to be, an integral and needed part of the whole. I am closer to the seed, rooted deeply within. And closer to the skies, as I am growing to be more than what I am today.

This is how re-born in truth came into existence. With the aliveness and the wish to live on the path of being re-born and the intention of growing closer to my truth. And the intention to hold this for all of you who are longing to find the gift they are here to live.

Let us honor our journey, celebrate it together and nurture what is within. With every breath, a new beginning. A new dance of a plant growing towards the light.

I love to hear from you!

love greetings from Bali

yours, Andrea

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