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holistic with yoga, psychology, meditation, ayurveda coaching

holistic, with yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and psychology

here, your journey beginns

Together, we examine the old patterns of decision-making that have held you back until now. Your path may involve creating sustainable and personalized changes in your life and strengthening your deep trust in your intuition.

This marks the beginning of your exciting journey toward unlocking your true potential and establishing an inner connection with yourself. Leave behind the stresses of everyday life, indulge in moments of peace, and use this time for self-discovery.

Step into the world of re-bornintruth!
I look forward to meet you on this thrilling path!

Life is an invitation to be re-born

And this is what I offer.


your benefits

What re-bornintruth stands for

Meditation and the path to silence

yoga for you and your life journey

establishing your routines in Self-Care and inner alignment

psychological guidance based on Ayurveda

bodytreatment "Auszeit" massage, deep stretch and relaxation-2 hr 

themed Workshops & Retreats for ultimate value

year-round online & in-person programs


Yoga Asana, Landshut 2024

Yoga mit dir, Andrea, ist einfach super. Mit deiner angenehmen, umgänglichen Art kann ich deine Übungsanweisungen gut verstehen und umsetzen. Du verstehst es, auf die einzelnen Teilnehmer zu achten, so dass jeder auf seine Kosten kommt. Mich begeistert vor allem, wie du deine Yogastunde aufbaust, und ich das Gefühl habe, gefordert, aber nicht überfordert zu sein und zudem Zeit zum Entspannen zu haben. Es macht mir eine Freude, mit dir zu „yogeln“.

Embrace the joy within as you explore the impressions of a journey to your true self; this could be your path.

Body, Mind, and Soul in Alignment

Experience the holistic approaches of yoga, meditation, and Ayurvedic psychology.




Are you looking for new ways and opportunities to align yourself in your life, to unfold and get to know yourself anew?

Then I warmly welcome you to participate in my re-bornintruth program.

Perhaps you find yourself today at a similar point as I did in my promotional video. You are at a crossroads, where you want to leave behind the old and consciously choose the new, giving yourself and your life an intense and authentic sense and value.

The first step may involve saying "goodbye" to the old, fully aware and embracing the fact that you are at a crossroads. With this realization, you accept the present opportunity and invitation to embrace the new.

The unknown. Beyond your current perceptions. The re-bornintruth program is designed to facilitate a new beginning for YOU.

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How a journey can look like.

In the vibrant colors, the scent of incense, and the sacred images of my first encounter with India, a fascinating journey is reflected.

Driven by a deep longing for a more comprehensive understanding of life, I found myself on a path full of discoveries and experiences.

Today, I carry a rich and authentic wealth of life experiences within me.

Through daily dedication to yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, psychology, and holistic healing during my travels around the world, I have gathered a wealth of wisdom and personal transformative events.

With my passionate expertise in the mentioned fields, I am here for you. Together, we shape a space for discoveries and personal growth. We break down barriers and pave the way to a fulfilling life.

Once set in motion, the journey continued inexorably.

Welcome to your journey towards inner well-being and personal unfolding!

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Any more questions before embarking on your journey?

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