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Life living – my offering of re-born in truth 

 Even though I came across this path before, I got lost to it. I had not yet opened my eyes.
This made me face many obstacles. Today I am more aware. I was not yet ready then to embrace me, to love what is here. I myself prevented me. I was my biggest stumbling block, lost in a narrowness and a deep-rooted tendency to reject myself.

Today I am living my life’s purpose.

Holding on to the old, disconnected to your authentic self means living less every day.

We ourselves prevent us. This is how we face our obstacles within – from a deep-rooted tendency to reject ourselves. Only in living out the heart, fresh paths open up.


I am a survivor of this struggle. Today I feel carried and guided, open to the lessons of each living moment. I am living my life’s purpose.

Life is an invitation to be re-born

And this is what I offer.

reborn in truth

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Your next step – beyond the known 


Are you searching for transformative processes to unlock your full potential?
then I welcome you with an open heart to join my re-born in truth program

Maybe you are at a similar point today. You are really at a crossroads. You can choose the old or you can go for the new. A new you.
The first step might be just this: Saying no to the old. Becoming aware, totally aware, that we are at a crossroads. And with this, sensing the invitation of the new.
The unknown. Beyond ourself.

The re-born in truth program is designed for new beginnings.


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