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My life's journey

Sometimes, we may not be able to name it, yet we know that in every encounter with other people, places, and events, something inspiring and perhaps even life-changing is transmitted.

On my own ongoing quest for the meaning of life and self-discovery, I have been fortunate to experience many of these formative encounters with diverse cultures, traditions, and worldviews.
They have been the greatest gifts that I could give to myself, each imparting its own unique lessons.

Today, I am grateful to pass on what I have learned and experienced to all the people with whom I have had the privilege to collaborate, continue to have, and will have in the future.
I hope to contribute what has been given to me to the greater unfolding of the world, both now and in the future. I aim to carry forward this magnificent legacy with which I have come into contact
in one way or another.

Living and working by these principles today, I warmly welcome you. We can meet here and/or online,
and perhaps, one beautiful day, you may pack your bags, and we may encounter each other on your journey during my retreats/workshops/classes.
Afterward, we can have a cup of tea and discuss our shared experience!

My resume is a vibrant collection of worthwhile stories.
As an expert in my field, I've embarked on an exciting journey around the globe.

The beginning of my journey in India

It all started with a deep longing to understand and experience yoga in all its facets. This led me to a small ashram high in the Himalayas. After living there with many students and swamis, I noticed the transformative change taking place, which profoundly touched many aspects of my life.

Yoga and the Bali-Spirit
Next, I arrived in Bali, a magical place that continues to captivate me.
I encountered exceptional teachers who inspired me and elevated my journey to an entirely new level. The energies of this island drew me in magnetically, prompting me to delve deeper into the spiritual world of yoga. Subsequently, I pursued my second yoga teacher training and engaged in volunteer work for a humanitarian foundation.

The Magic of Hinduism and Buddhism

The journey continued as I embarked on an unforgettable world tour that continues to shape my practices today.
I delved into the depths of Hinduism, Buddhism, and traditional Ayurvedic healing arts.

From Thailand to India, to the breathtaking landscapes of Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Bali again, I followed the traces of ancient wisdom. In Cambodia, I dedicated myself to the intense experience of a Vipassana retreat and had the privilege of receiving advanced training from a renowned yogi, a true master of yoga and life philosophy.

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Ayurveda and Psychology in Munich/India
As the next milestone on my journey, I completed an intensive training to become a psychological Ayurveda consultant and therapist under the guidance of Vaidya Dr. Neelesh Twara from Pune and Mrs. Erika Diehl from Bavaria. This experience was not only enriching for my own authentic alignment but also a gift that I now wish to share with you.

As an expert in holistic living and spiritual development,
I offer you my over 10 years of expertise to help you unfold your full potential. Join me on this transformative journey.

Ayurveda and Treatments in Sri Lanka

Yet, it wasn't just the spiritual journey that shaped me. During my life's exploration, I discovered a strong connection between Ayurveda and psychology. Fueled by curiosity, I worked in a renowned Ayurveda clinic in
Sri Lanka, learning from a true master of the healing arts. Dr. Buddhike, a respected Ayurvedic doctor, revealed the secrets of Ayurvedic healing methods, imparting profound knowledge about the connection between body, mind, soul and spirit.

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A glance at my career path and qualifications

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