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understanding the philosophy behind


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what re-born in truth to yourself
stands for

re-born in love, in authenticity, confidence and compassion to “my-self”

“Despite having stumbled or gotten lost along the way, despite having lost focus by not facing my obstacles: It is possible to become conscious of what I hold against myself deep within.

Of what deprives the self of experiencing its true purpose freely.”

“To stand still, to hold on and suppress my intuition means to live less every day.”

“To accept the constant and continuous variable of change in your life will take you to a higher state of conscious living and lead to a fulfilling and truly transformational journey.”


This is what I embody

from the depths of my heart.

Slowing down, moving into different layers of emotions, we find the space to unfold and be with vibrations of devoted primordial trust.

How can we get there?


between what is and what can be
there are infinite transforming processes

The truth within can only arise when you use your chance to awaken.
Recognizing the right moment to release what is locked in your soul is when you step out into the world with a clear vision of your true self.


It takes compassion, trust and dedication to welcome the re-born you and to feel invited by the force of infinite love.

In my own journey towards the deepest desire of liberation, holding my innermost desires to come to reality, I connected with my re-born self.
This is my story.

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My offering: re-born in truth: encountering a new you every day

Maybe you are at a similar point today. You are really at a crossroads. You can choose the old or you can go for the new. A new you.

Most often this crisis is already the calling of a new path. But our eyes are not yet open to it. So all that happens is a sense of obstacles or even a deep depression as we cannot live our lives in the old anymore but the new has not yet shown up.
It is an old dilemma: We cannot see the new, as the mind repeats the old and

cannot look beyond itself.

The first step might be just this: Saying NO to the old. Becoming aware, totally aware, that we are at a crossroads.And with this, sensing the invitation of the new.
The unknown. Beyond ourself.

The re-born in truth program is designed for new beginnings. It supports you when you find you at exactly this point. Having walked this way and embodying it, having acquired a diversity of tools from the fields of Vedic learning and Ayurvedic & therapeutic healing, I can help you in opening your eyes to your innermost desires and your own, unconditioned authentic self. So that you start sensing you.

It is a challenging journey. I had to face many aspects of my shadow self.
And I am so today. I realized that this is a journey to a total integration.
A journey, which ultimately leads to a re-born self.
The power of transformation lies in daring.
Daring to live my desires, I find my way to my soul’s purpose. And this is what it is all about: The fulfilment of the self, the living life of the soul.

In my case the island of Bali called me. I am aware that this is just an outer expression of what my soul longed for. But Bali is known for its healing ground and there might be something to it – a healing energy indeed surrounds me and helps me in this process. As so many encounters with people, happy and challenging, all leading to growth.
A new vitality wakes up with me every day.

I would be happy to meet you either in Germany, Bali or Sri Lanka. 
Or we can also walk together a part of our paths by meeting online.
This is what I can offer.

Here is more about my training background

which is an integral part of my own journey.

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