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Your "home"  program

Your re-bornintruth "home" Program

These "home" programs enable you to incorporate a healthy and regular routine of
self-care and mindfulness into your daily life.


"home" represents your individual and very personal schedule.

The Balance Program, gives you the opportunity to establish inner balance, stability, and strength in your everyday life.

The Meditation Program supports you in your personal development and guides you into a calm and regular practice of stillness.



It starts with the conscious decision to say 'yes' to yourself.
To thrive, to blossom like a tree, like a flower, like a grain of rice - like you.

Balance "home"  Program

8 hours of high-quality video and audio recordings in Bali with detailed guidance and script

2x Meditation
1x Pranayama

1x Breathwork
1x Yoga Asana
1x Yoga Restorative


detailed instructions for Ayurvedic self-massage,

2 hours of LIVE mentoring with me

Delve into clear and precise content designed to center your well-being, alleviate stress, and bring your health and balance closer to your genuine feelings and states of consciousness.

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"home" Program

7- day  Meditation Program

a 7-day program with high-quality video recordings in Bali,

featuring guided instruction and an introduction to the path of meditation.

- Nonviolent Communication, - Pranayama breathing techniques,
- the meaning and execution of Mudra and Bhanda,
-spiritual growth and personal development,
- including a workbook 

.You will receive the complete workbook upon purchasing the program.

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