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A play of bright colors, the scent of incense, sacred images … this is what appears before my inner eye when I reminiscence my first encounter with India. What took me there was an innate thirst of understanding yoga in a deeper way. Maybe the quest itself brought a transformation. I stayed in a small Ashram high up in the Himalayas. After living there with many students and swamis, I noticed that a shift had happened which touched many aspects of my life.

Once set into motion, the quest continued and carried me to many countries around the world.

In 2016 I arrived in Bali. Here I met my inspiring teachers Anouk Aoun Wendel and
Wendel who I still have the honor of studying with. While joining my second Yoga Teacher training and during the subsequent volunteer work for a humanitarian foundation in the island’s north I for the first time felt the desire to settle here.

In 2017, while recovering from a personal crisis, I set out for a long-desired trip around the world – my 'lebenswert' journey. This time I encountered the paths of Hinduism, Buddhism and traditional Ayurvedic healing practices. The 'lebenswert' journey brought me to Thailand, again to India and Bali, Cambodia and the island of Sri Lanka.
In Cambodia I was trained by famous Yogi Madhav, co-founder of
Avana Yoga. After this, I remained in silence during an intense 10-day vipassana retreat at Dhamma Latthika Centre in Batambang.

Every encounter with these ancient traditions seemed to birth more questions. I found myself trying to understand the deeper connections between Ayurveda and psychology and landet up working in one of the most renowned Ayurveda clinics of Sri Lanka.
I am grateful to Dr. Buddhike, an Ayurveda doctor whose forefathers shared the Ayurvedic healing art and handed it down for generations. In his presence I picked up much about Ayurvedic healing methods, Ayurvedic concoctions and perhaps more importantly – the base understanding of this ancient science of life which encompasses many disciplines in its effort to heal both, body-mind and soul.

In the following year I trained as psychological Ayurveda consultant and therapist, an integral part of my own healing journey. I owe much to the lecturers of the SEVA Ayurveda Academy in Munich, but first and foremost to Vaidya Dr. Neelesh Taware,  Pune/India, who combines elements of the millennia-old philosophy of yoga, healing therapies of touch, as well as traditional psychology with mindfulness practices. At this point I also want to extend my thanks to Mr. Gavin, my 82-year old and deeply inspiring meditation teacher in Sri Lanka. Sometimes we cannot name it but we know that something was transferred in a more sacred encounter.

During my ongoing quest I met many people from the most diverse cultures, all of whom have been teachers in their own right – whether they called themselves teachers or not.
But some have been outstanding and some might have shared what they have without me even noticing it.

Today I am grateful to pass on what I have learned and encountered to all the people with whom I have had, have and will have the privilege of working with.
I wish that I can give what I have been given now or later on and that I can carry on the great legacies I have come in touch with in one way or the other.

Today I live and work in Bali and welcome you here. We can meet here and online – and maybe one fine day you pack your bags and come over and we can have a cup of tea together and join hands in your journey.


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